What is coir doormat?

Coir doormat is made from ripe coconuts.

Coir is produced from the fibres of the outer husk of coconut shells. 

See our blog page "what is coir doormat" for more info.

Are coir door mats good?

Yes. Coir doormats are made from highly durable and easy to maintain material making it the best option for natural fibre doormat.

Coir is stiff and rough it sweeps off mud, dirt, and sand from the bottoms of shoes, keeping the inside of your doorway clean.

Can my coir doormat get wet?

Although coir is a natural fibre, that it is naturally water resilient. Our doormats are printed and PVC backed [to ensure they are nonslip], so it is not suitable for the mats to get wet.

We recommend they are kept indoors, or if outdoors that they are kept under well sheltered areas.

How do I clean my coir doormat?

We recommend you should clean your doormat once a week.

You can either:

  • Brush it
  • Give it a gentle shakedown outside
  • You can also vacuum the mat to quickly pick up excess debris.

My coir doormat is shedding, is this normal?

Yes, coir mats do shed. Especially in the first few months of use, then the shedding will occur slowly over time as the mat wears underfoot. You could sweep up the coir fragments and add it to your compost pile. As coir is 100% biodegradable.

What size are your doormats?

Our doormats are large, 75cm x 45cm. [Some of our competitors mats are only 60cm x 40cm].

FYI. The average width of a UK door is generally 76cm.

We hope to add patio double doormats to the range for spring summer.

Why are coir doormats eco friendly?

Coir door mats are eco-friendly. The abundance of coconuts makes processing coir fibres into yarn for doormats a sustainable system.

Coir is completely biodegradable. When your coir doormat has worn completely, you can add it to your compost pile. Just remember to remove the synthetic backing.  We are currently testing some doormats with biodegradable backing - watch this space.

Can I use my doormat indoor and outdoors?

We recommend they are kept indoors, or if outdoors that they are kept under well sheltered areas to protect from too much sun and rain.

Too much sun can cause fading.

Too much rain and your doormat will take long time to dry. As the water can't run through the backing and can cause rippling effect. If your doormat does get wet, its best to let it air dry.

Can I order a bespoke mat?

Sorry, we don't offer this yet.

As a small brand working from home, we don't have the space to offer this.

As we grow we would love to be able to do your bespoke designs- watch this space!

Where and when can I order my mat?

We are currently working hard behind the scenes setting up whilst we wait for our stock to arrive.

Our doormats will be for sale through our website and you will be able to buy on Amazon prime.

Any unanswered questions, please use the “contact us” tab to get in touch, alternatively DM us on our social channels or email info@lpdoormats.com