Is product packaging eco-friendly?

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Is product packaging eco-friendly?

Our product packaging is environmentally friendly packaging, we use eco friendly UK packaging, eco friendly packaging bags, eco friendly packaging boxes, and even better the bags and boxes are compostable.

Due to covid-19 more and more people are shopping online, so its important businesses like us ensure our packaging it environmentally friendly.

At home and as a business we pledge to be greener and more Earth-conscious. We try and live by the 3Rs- Reduce Reuse and Recycle.

eco-friendly product packaging

Below is a little more about our eco-friendly UK packaging.

🌿Eco friendly packaging boxes and eco friendly packaging bags 🌿

What is an eco friendly box / bag

  • Eco-friendly boxes and bags can be reused or recycled easily.
  • They help to reduce land waste and pollution.
  • Turning these into compost is even better for the environment.

We order these from a British planet-friendly packaging company. All their packaging is fully recyclable and compostable. They manufacture in their factory in Wales and source from British made companies.  Everything is 100 per cent home compostable and made in part from recycled materials and in part from British grown, renewable resources on land unfit for farming.

So rest assured you can recycle or even better compost your packaging once you have received your doormat if you have no better use for your bag/box. Tips on how to compost paper and cardboard, click here: 

How to compost paper and cardboard

So will my door mat come in a eco friendly bag or eco friendly box?

Any single doormats will come in a kraft paper mailing bag, environmentally friendly composition, 100% recyclable.

If you’ve ordered 2 or more doormats these will come in a bespoke made box. We decided to make the boxes to fit the mats to reduce the amount of cardboard we use and the need for any fillers to pad out the box.

  • The boxes are made right here in the UK from unadulterated premium recycled paper and FSC-accredited virgin materials;
  • Both natural and sustainable, vegan-friendly resources.
Both are chemical-free, and 100 per cent compostable. Once they can no longer be reused or re-purposed, simply pop in your recycling bin or place on a compost pile

    We may add some paper to your order, the paper we use is recycled paper.

    🌿Eco-friendly kraft tape 🌿

    The eco-friendly bags and boxes will be sealed with eco-friendly kraft tape. Vegan-friendly and 100 per cent recyclable and compostable.

    • Kraft tape is waste-reducing alternative to ordinary packing tape, ours is made in the UK from Kraft paper and a natural rubber-based adhesive; both organic and sustainable resources.
    • Completely acid-free; the adhesive gum on the brown paper self-adhesive tape breaks down easily in the recycling process.
    • Chemical-free environmentally friendly tape is 100 per cent biodegradable and compostable; to dispose please place on your compost pile or put it in your recycling bin.

    🌿Eco-friendly Raffia 🌿

    The best way for your mat to travel safely to you is rolled. We will roll the mat and secure with natural raffia.  The mat is heavy duty and will spring back to it’s original flat shape almost instantly. It might have lost some coir, so give it a shake outside before you put her in her new home.

    • We picked natural raffia, which is plastic free and is eco-friendly
    • We have sourced our raffia from a British company to reduce our carbon footprint.

    🌿Recycled thank you card 🌿

    It’s important for us to thank all our customers, for helping our small business support its dream, a family and so much more! Your purchase is hugely appreciated. So, we insert a thank you card in all our parcels, this is made of recycled paper.

    🌿 Eco-friendly branding stamp and stickers 🌿

    As a small business its important for us to get our brand out there. So we do this by stamping all our parcels, we use vegan friendly soy-based ink.

    Our stamp can be reused 10,000 times, before we need a new one. We love how many time we can reuse this.

     Lily Pad stylish doormats

    We may also have added a sticker. Our stickers are sustainable, they are made of paper and use soy ink.

    • Soy inks are a renewable resource, and leave no petroleum behind - so you can use it on compostable materials.

    So as you can see, we are shopping locally which supports local economies and reduces our country's carbon footprint. Everything is environmentally friendly. We are a new small business, and trying our best, if you think there is a better way for us to be more eco with our packaging then please pop us a message. We’re always looking for ways to improve.

    Eco friendly packaging doormatseco friendly packaging doormat

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