What is a coir doormat?

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What is a coir doormat? What are coconut mats? Well, coir doormat is also knows as a coconut mat.

Coir is made from the long, brown fibres of the coconut husk which is biodegradable. The brown fibres is used as this is much stronger than the white fibres that is commonly used to make rope. The brown coconut fibres gives the doormat it's natural colour.

How is it made into a coir door mat?

The coir fibres is removed from the husk. The coir fibres is then spun into yarn to make coir, the yarn is then weaved to make your coir door mat. 

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Are coir door mats good for the environment?

Coir door mats like ours are eco-friendly, as they are made of 100% natural coconut coir which is biodegradable.

So coir doormats are much better for the environment than doormats made of synthetics that are nonbiodegradable.

The abundance of coconuts makes processing coir fibres into yarn for doormats a sustainable system.

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At Lily Pad Doormats we do not add any chemicals, the tan colour of your mat is 100% natural.  You can choose to buy your coir doormat blank or have a decorative coir doormat. For our decorative coir door mat we use eco friendly water based paint.

What is the best mat for a doormat?

Coir doormats make the best doormat. They are a functional door mats, we add our designs to add a touch of style and personality to your doorway.

The naturally bristled texture of coir doormats help clean dirt and mud from shoes. They are strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and are easy to clean.



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